How many trains travel through Hudson a day?

According to the Federal Rail Administration data, there are approximately 40 trains a day passing through Hudson, as of the 2022.08.09 audit. Prior to that in 2020, there were 60 trains a day. To view FRA data, visit:

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1. What happened in East Palestine, Ohio?
2. What impacts will the train derailment in East Palestine have on Hudson?
3. Is Hudson in the same watershed as East Palestine?
4. What is the City of Hudson doing about the East Palestine train derailment?
5. Did the train that derailed in East Palestine come through Hudson?
6. What chemicals was the train transporting in the East Palestine derailment?
7. Why did the train derail?
8. How many trains travel through Hudson a day?
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10. Can the City of Hudson regulate train activity through our City?
11. Does the railroad notify Hudson when trains carrying hazardous materials pass through our City?
12. How will the City of Hudson revise its Emergency Operations Plan based on the East Palestine Train Derailment?