Do I need a permit for my home improvement project?
Most home improvement projects on the outside of your home require a zoning certificate, including residing, window and door replacement, fences, and sheds. Reroofing outside of the Historic District and painting do not require a zoning certificate. Most projects will be reviewed by the Architectural and Historic Board of Review, including additions, sheds larger than 120 square feet, swimming pools, and major alterations. Some projects can be approved administratively, including decks, sheds less than 120 square feet, arbors, pergolas, fences, and minor alterations. The zoning application, submittal packets, meeting calendar, and fee schedule are available at the Applications and Permits section on the Community Development Department page. Most projects that require a zoning certificate from Hudson also require a building permit from the Summit County Department of Building Standards prior to starting. Please call them at (330) 630-7280 with your questions.

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1. Do I need a permit for my home improvement project?
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