Land Development Code Update

What is the Land Development Code?

Hudson's Land Development Code was established in 1999 as an effort to merge the regulations of the Village and the Township. The Land Development Code (LDC) contains all of the adopted standards, regulations, and procedures about development in Hudson. It regulates small residential projects such as fences and additions and regulates large projects such as residential subdivisions and commercial development.

Why is the City Proposing LDC Changes?

 The City frequently reviews the Land Development Code (LDC) to:
  • Align with current trends, practices, court rulings and demographic shifts
  • Align with current City charter
  • Make the Code more efficient
  • Remove errors

Updates for 2021 include:

  • Agricultural Code Update: In an effort to encourage local farming and food production, the City is proposing a variety of amendments to the LDC, like permitting hobby farming, beekeeping, hoop houses, and chickens for all residential properties. See a summary of each proposed change here.
  • Changes to align with the current City Charter amendments: In November of 2020, city voters approved amendments to the Charter. City staff must ensure the Land Development Code does not conflict with the current Charter. As a result, the LDC must be revised to remove certain density bonuses available for development projects and amend term conditions for review board members.  
  • Several General LDC Updates:
    • Permitting accessory dwelling units (ADU) for single family residential uses in any district.
    • Playhouses and swing sets permitted within building setbacks
    • Align regulations for assembly/meeting halls and places of worship so as not to conflict with the RLUIPA (Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Person Act)
    • Removing the Historic District Subcommittee for the Architectural and Historic Board of Review.
    • Aligning lot width requirements for Zoning District 1 and District 3
    • Various Architectural Design Standard updates including; window placement threshold, fence design standards and wall material requirements.
We want your feedback on the proposed Agricultural Code updates! View a summary of each proposed update here, then give us your feedback here. 


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    Old vs. New

    View a summary of each proposed Agricultural Use update along with why each update is recommended here.

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    View the documents related to the 2021 LDC Updates below.

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