New City Hall

City Administrative Offices will Move to New City Hall on Terex Road

The City has purchased the former PASCO building at 1140 Terex Road, and is renovating the facility to become the new City of Hudson Administrative Offices.

Why a New Facility?

For years, City departments were scattered across the City, some in leased space, others in City-owned buildings. The physical distance between departments, as well as the cost of leased space, created operational and cost inefficiencies.

In 2013, to consolidate offices, the City temporarily relocated various departments into one leased location on Executive Parkway. Planning began to purchase or build a new facility that would be City-owned.

Decision to Purchase PASCO Building

After an extensive search for land on which to build a new facility and buildings available for sale, the City determined that the PASCO headquarters building would be the best, most cost effective facility in which to house the administrative offices. New construction would cost up to $9 million, while the purchase of the PASCO building would be half that cost. 
The well-maintained building located on 20 acres has 32,000 square feet of space, 200 parking spaces, and is not surrounded by heavy residential areas. It has ample office space and parking for current and future needs.

The Facility

  • City departments that will relocate to the new facility include Administration, Community Development, Engineering, Finance, Hudson Community TV, Human Resources, Information Technology, Public Works Administration, Utility Billing, and Velocity Broadband.
  • The 20-acre campus-like setting offers flexibility for the future. The 32,000 sq. ft. of space has ample room for City administration, and has space for community rooms and meeting spaces.
  • The purchase price and renovations (needs to be upgraded to ADA accessibility standards) is approximately $5-6 million.

View this presentation to learn more about the history and status of the City Hall project.

City Hall

Click on the image below to view the slideshow from the Council Meeting on 4-16-2019:

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Exterior Views

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Floor Plans / Illustrations