EcoSmart Choice Energy Program

EcoSmart Choice Program

EcoSmart Choice program is a "green pricing" program offered through American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP), of which the City of Hudson is a member. All Hudson Public Power (HPP) customers can help to reduce their carbon footprint and provide a cleaner, healthier, and safer energy supply by supporting this renewable energy program.  

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Where does the renewable energy come from?
This "green pricing" program relies on the use of renewable energy certificates (RECs) to offset customer's electricity usage. The program currently purchases RECs from hydroelectric, wind, solar, and landfill gas facilities. Participation in this program allows 100% of your electric usage to be offset by renewable energy, and in turn, less fossil fuels are on the grid.

How much does it cost to participate?

For a minimal cost of $0.006 per kWh (this price has increased from $.005 per kWh and will be in effect for the May 2022 bill), residential customers are able to offset 100% of their electric usage with renewable energy.  

Commercial and Industrial customers can offset a portion of their electric usage through the purchase of "blocks" of RECs.  Each "block" obtained thought the EcoSmart Choice program is equal to 1000 kWH (1 MWh) and is available for an additional $5.00 per block. For example, if a customer uses 750 kWh in a month and chooses to participate at the 100% level, the EcoSmart Choice program will purchase an equal number of RECs to match that monthly usage, and the customer would pay an additional $4.50 as part of their utility bill that month to cover their participation in the program. 

How do I enroll?

Hudson Public Power customers can enroll through the EcoSmart Choice website.