IGS Energy Protection

Utility Line Protection and HVAC System Protection Program

The City of Hudson has partnered with IGS Energy Home Services to provide a home protection program.  As a homeowner, you are responsible for any repairs needed to the utility lines (gas, sewer, water, electric and HVAC systems) that connect from the City main lines to your home. Many homeowner insurance policies do not cover these failures. Repairs can be costly.

What is IGS Energy Home Services?

IGS Energy Home Services offers homeowners a solution to pay for the covered repairs and offers a 12-month guarantee.  
  • Utility Protection - Protection for repairs to your home's water, sewer, gas and electric lines
  • HVAC System Protection - Covers expensive repairs to your home's furnace, central AC unit, heat pump and water heaters.

How do I Enroll in the Program?

Contact IGS Home Energy Services at 877-275-8197 or visit IGSenergy.com/home-protection.