Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Registration

The Hudson Police Department maintains a database of registered bicycles. Hudson residents may register bicycles they own and the database may be used to potentially recover bicycles lost and/or stolen. To register your bicycle and/or your child's bicycle(s), click the link below to fill out the online form. After completion of the online form, the Hudson Police Department will mail you a sticker. You may also pickup a registration form and sticker at the Police Department, 36 South Oviatt Street.

The bicycle sticker must be placed on the frame of the bicycle. The sticker contains a unique number so that we may contact you in the event your bicycle is lost or stole. This is a free service.

Register My Bicycle
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Bicycle Safety Tips

Bicycling in Hudson, and across the country, continues to increase. Riding for recreation and transportation decreases traffic congestion, improves physical health, and helps make Hudson more vibrant and connected. Our goal is to make all kinds of travel easy and safe throughout Hudson. Below are safety tips to consider when bicycling through Hudson.

What to Wear

  • Wear neon, fluorescent, or other bright colors when riding to make yourself visible to others. Reflective tape or markings should also be worn.
  • Ohio requires bicycles to have front white lamps and a red reflector or red light on the back of your bicycle when riding in low visibility conditions and at night.
  • Everyone, at every age, should wear bicycle helmets. Helmets help prevent traumatic brain injury, which is a common injury in bicycling crashes. 
  • Make sure your helmet fits correctly - Watch Video

Riding on the Road

Bicycles on the roadway are considered vehicles and bicyclists are the drivers. You must obey all the same traffic laws that apply to motorists. Let drivers know where you're going. Make eye contact and use hand signals when turning, changing lanes, or stopping.

  • Ride in a straight line, not in and out of cars.
  • Check for traffic by looking left-right-left before entering a street. 
  • Do not use personal electronics when you ride.

Riding in a Bike Lane

Watch the video below to learn how to safely and correctly use a bike lane.

Riding on a Sidewalk

If there are bike lanes or bike paths available, choose those over a sidewalk. Watch the video below to learn how to safely ride on a sidewalk.

Riding on a Trail

Watch the video below to learn how to safely ride on and share the trail.


Hudson is a Bicycle Friendly Community
The League of American Bicyclists
Pedal Hudson
Safe Routes to Hudson
  • Safe Routes Hudson is a collaboration of the Hudson City Schools and the City of Hudson to encourage walking and bicycling to school and to provide safe routes to connect the schools to surrounding neighborhoods.