Skunks / Opossums

Skunks and opossums seldom cause damage to property other than raiding garbage or eating pet food. They sometimes reside under buildings or in rock and wood piles. Discourage visits by taking appropriate precautions. 


  • In confined spaces skunks or opossums may be driven away by placing an ammonia-soaked towel in the den. 
  • Install a one-way door until you are sure the animal(s) have left, then permanently seal the entrance. 
  • An animal that becomes trapped in a window well will climb out if you place a rough board in the well that extends to the top. 
  • If an animal gets into the house, open a door and calmly allow it to exit.

Don't chase or excite a skunk!

Nuisance or sick skunks and opossums may be trapped without a permit, but as with raccoons they may not be relocated. Consult the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) for more information about control and trapping of these animals.