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Downtown Phase II has been the vision of City leaders – and residents – for many years. It was born out of the 1995 Comprehensive Plan to restore industrial sites in downtown Hudson and return it to its economic prominence. Completed in 2004, First and Main was Phase I. Downtown Phase II will revitalize the remaining 20 acres of industrial properties (Windstream, Hudson Public  Power and School Bus Garage) into Class-A office space and housing for empty nesters and young professionals. 
With Downtown Phase II, people can live, work, and play downtown. The development will bring in high-paying jobs. Offices and homes built on the property will generate new tax revenues for the schools and bring new customers to support the current downtown stores and restaurants.

Issue 11 on May 7

As was done for First and Main, City Council authorized placing an advisory vote on the May 7th primary election ballot to determine citizen support of continuing with the concept of Downtown Phase II.

For more information about Downtown Phase II Issue 11 on the May 7 ballot, click here.

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Current Plan Map

Architectural Renderings of Phase II

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Benefits of Downtown Phase II

  • Will replace bus garage & industrial buildings with offices and homes.
  • Will create a vibrant live, work, play environment.
  • Will support downtown stores and restaurants.
  • Will generate $700,000 to $1,000,000 new income tax revenues annually.
  • Will generate approximately $1,800,000 new property tax revenues, a portion of which goes to the schools.
  • Will provide housing options for empty nesters and young professionals.
  1. What's on the Ballot?

    What will I be voting on May 7th? What does the vote mean? What happens if the issue doesn't pass? Learn more...
  1. What's in Phase II?

    DTP2 Current Aerial

     What will be in Downtown Phase II? How big will it be? Why are we doing it? What will it look like? Learn more...
  1. Who's Paying for It?


    As a public and private development, the majority of the cost will be payed for by the developer. The remainder of the costs will be recouped through a TIF, so there is little financial impact to the City. Learn more...
  1. Housing Types

    What types of housing are being considered, and how much will there be?  Learn more...

  1. Office Space / RetailOffice

    Class-A office space is planned in Downtown Phase II. Only a small portion of that space will be for retail that will include service businesses, restaurants that will support the businesses. The intent is to support, not compete with First and Main. Learn more...
  1. Parking

    parking 1
    A 300-space parking garage is being considered that will support parking for the new businesses the new office buildings in Downtown Phase II.   Learn more...
  1. Traffic Impacts

    Will traffic increase? What's being done to mitigate any traffic impacts?  Learn more...

  1. Current BuildingsBus Garage

    The Hudson Public Power, Salt Dome, and Hudson City Schools Bus Garage are being torn down and moved to a new location on Hudson Drive.  Learn More...

  1. Project Facts

    DTP2 Facts Icon
    Get the facts, answers to frequently asked questions, and learn about public engagement. Learn more...

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Questions or comments about the ballot issue or the project should be directed to:

Jody Roberts
Communications Manager