Residential Leaf Collection

2021 Leaf Collection

The annual Residential Leaf Collection Program is conducted during a six-week period beginning October 25, 2021. See the table below and check the map to find your assigned quadrant and pickup weeks.
2021 Leaf Collection Schedule
  1. Leaf Pick-Up Map

    City of Hudson Quadrant Map

    Click on the map to enlarge it and find the quadrant you live in.
  1. Leaf Pick-Up Skip Rake

    Skip the Rake. Leave the Leaves.

    Learn how leaves can make your lawn healthier.
  1. Leaf Pick-Up Search Tool

    Leaf Pick-Up Information Tool

    NOTE: This tool will be updated and ready to use by October 25, 2021. Use the Leaf Pick-up Information Tool to see the latest leaf pick-up status updates specific to your address. Just type in your house number to begin.

State Route 303 and State Route 91 Pick Up Schedule:

  • Both sides of N. Main & Darrow (north) = Northwest Quadrant
  • Both sides of E. Streetsboro = Southeast Quadrant
  • Both sides of W. Streetsboro, S. Main, & Darrow (south) = Southwest Quadrant

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Leaf Collection 1

    When should I put out my leaves?

    To participate in this program, residents are required to rake their leaves to the edge of the street no sooner than the weekend prior to the scheduled pickup week and no later than 7:00 am on the Monday of the scheduled pickup week.Leaves placed after the truck has gone by will wait until the next leaf collection week in your neighborhood.

  1. Leaf Collection 1

    Where do I place my leaves?

    Place leaves in the tree lawn area - parallel to the street on the street edge or behind the curb. Please avoid placing leaves in the street, ditches, and gutters, or near obstacles that will be in the way of the trucks such as parked vehicles, trees, mailboxes, fire hydrants, and streetlights.
  1. leaf truck

    A leaf truck was in my neighborhood before our scheduled week, will it be back?

    Leaf Collection trucks may collect leaves before the scheduled dates, but will restart the quadrant during scheduled weeks as well.