Akron Water Surcharge

Hudson Files Class Action Suit against Akron over Water Surcharge
The City of Hudson filed a class action lawsuit against the City of Akron that challenges the water surcharge recently levied against Hudson and its resident and businesses served by Akron water.

The class action suit, filed on behalf of Hudson citizens who receive Akron water are subject to this new surcharge, asserts that the 42% surcharge, which is in addition to the ongoing 160% water rate and a "capital projects charge," is unfair and unreasonable and bears no rational relationship to he water services that Akron provides.

"We brought this suit against the City of Akron because it is our responsibility to ensure that our citizens and taxpayers re treated fairly and equitably, particularly when it involves a life-sustaining utility such as water," said Hudson City Manager Jane Howington.

In addition to seeking a declaratory judgment that the surcharge is unfair, unreasonable and unlawful, the suit seeks a permanent injunction preventing Akron from continuing to impose the surcharge on Hudson and its citizens. The lawsuit also seeks an award of damages, including but not limited to, an order that Akron must return all surcharges paid by Hudson and each member of the class, with interest.

The Court will determine whether the case will move forward as a class action suit. If the Court so orders, all Hudson citizens who receive water service from the City of Akron will be automatically included in the lawsuit and do not need to notify the City of Hudson or the Court of their desire to be part of this class action. Affected customers will receive official notification of the class action. Information regarding hot to opt-out of the lawsuit will be included in this notification.

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