Concrete Program

Project Description

The Concrete Program is an annual project that consists of repairing various sidewalk trip hazards throughout the City of Hudson. The 2023 Program will not include road repairs, which has been done in previous years. The road repairs will be part of the Annual Asphalt Program and are being done in conjunction with the asphalt overlays of the concrete streets. The 2023 Concrete Program will include updating and installing ADA ramps and catch basin repairs throughout the City of Hudson. The catch basin repairs will be coordinated with the streets that will be repaved this year. The Concrete Program takes place during spring and early summer.

Sidewalk and Street Selection Process

The City monitors its streets and sidewalks year-round and catalogs areas that need improvement. These improvements consist of streets or sidewalks that need immediate attention, areas that need strengthening, and areas that will need to be addressed in the future. Areas that need immediate attention are prioritized and put to the top of the Concrete Program list.

Low Bidder:

Please view the 2023 Bid Tabulation.
Perrin Asphalt
525 Dan St, Akron, OH 44310;
Phone: 330-253-1020

Contact Information:

For questions regarding this program, please contact Rick Sidelinker, Construction Inspector.
Phone: (330) 342-3437