Project Description

The Public Works Department repairs and maintains roads all year and performs Durapatching in the warm spring and summer seasons. Durapatching is an annual street maintenance program that repairs flaws or potholes in the roadway when larger pavement repair is unnecessary. Durapatch is also used to fix cracks in asphalt and concrete surfaces.


  • Asphalt emulsion is sprayed over crack or hole in the road.
  • Limestone rock is sprayed over emulsion to build up the hole or crack and seal flawed areas.
  • Once sealed, remaining limestone is swept away.
  • It may take several days for areas to compact and seal.
Dura Patch.jpg

Why Durapatch?

Durapatch is a very cost effective method for road repairs and will last for several years until a more permanent repair or total resurfacing can be preformed. A reminder that Durapatch can be messy. Be aware that materials used in this process can stick to shoes or tires, and can be tracked into homes. 


Pot holes can appear without warning and can be dangerous. Use Engage Hudson to report a pothole and we will address the issue.

For more information about the Durapatch process, contact the Public Works Department at (330) 342-1750.