Safe Schools, Safe Community Helpline

800-418-6423, Ext. 397

See Something, Say Something

The safety and security of our students and our community is our number one priority. To help prevent activities that could negatively impact our community, we have contracted with Security Voice, an outside company to provide an anonymous helpline that you can use to let us know about and try to prevent problems before they happen.

If you are not comfortable directly reporting acts, such as violence, theft, drug or alcohol use, sexual harassment, weapons, bullying behavior, etc. to the Hudson Police Department, please consider using this secure, anonymous service.

The Safe Schools, Safe Community Hotline is not for issues that are emergencies or immediate in nature. Messages are not immediately received through this program. Always dial 9-1-1 for any emergency.

What is It?

Based on the concept of “see something, say something,” the Safe Schools, Safe Community Helpline is designed to allow people to anonymously report concerns when individuals may hurt themselves or others -- before something happens. Individuals can call or text, 24-hours a day, concerns about individuals doing harm to themselves or others.

When should I call the helpline?

We encourage you to call or text the helpline when you know of a situation where someone may do harm. These situations include possible acts of violence, suicide, theft, drug or alcohol use, sexual harassment, weapons, bullying or other issues.

How does the program work?

Simply call the helpline at (800) 418-6423, extension 397 or text 66746 then type TIPS to let us know about issues so we can prevent them before they happen. Phone calls and text messages are sent to us anonymously from Security Voice, which we contracted to provide this service. Security Voice will take your message and route the information to the school or police as appropriate. You will not be identified unless you ask to be. If you see something, say something by calling the Safe Schools, Safe Community Helpline.

Why did the program change?

The Hudson City Schools previously has used a school helpline for students and parents to anonymously report possible acts of violence, suicide, bullying or other incidents that would affect the schools. After the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school, a group was formed called the Keep Hudson Safe Initiative that was based on the idea that it takes a whole community to keep our residents and children safe. The Hudson City Schools, the City of Hudson and Hudson Community First worked together to expand the Hudson Schools’ Helpline to serve all the community, allowing individuals to report possible violence or harmful incidents before they happen inside or outside of the schools.
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Contact Us

  1. Hudson Police Department: 36 S. Oviatt Street, Hudson, OH, 44236 
    Non-Emergency: (330) 342-1800 | Emergency: 9-1-1
    Administrative Hours: M - F | 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.