Lawn Damaged by Plows

Should a City of Hudson snow plow truck accidentally slide off the road and cause damage to a lawn or a landscaped area, the City will repair/replace the affected area to the condition it was prior to the damage. The repair work for damaged areas will commence as weather permits in the Spring.

The City does not repair or replace incidental damage done to landscaped areas or lawns as a result of snow plowing or salting.

Reporting a Damage Claim

Please report the lawn damage as soon as possible to the Public Works Department at (330) 342-1750 or on the City's website and provide the following information:

-phone number
-location of damage
-date the damage occurred

All damage claims must be reported by April 1. Claims received after this date may not be processed.

Once a claim is reported, a representative from the Public Works Department will visit the site to verify the claim. If the claim is determined to be accidental damage and is approved, the repair work will be completed in the spring. If the claim is not approved, the City will not make repairs. The claimant will be notified as to the status of his or her claim. The restoration work for all approved damage claims will be done as the weather permits between April 1 and July 1.

Accidental Lawn Damage

This means the truck slid off the roadway and got stuck in the tree lawn area or ditch area. Sometimes this type of accident can cause moderate to major damage to lawns, trees, mailboxes, fences, street light poles, etc. Following these events, the City will follow up with the affected homeowner/business to schedule the repairs.

Incidental Lawn Damage

During the course of winter, a City snow plow truck may slide off the edge of the pavement such that a truck tire or snow blade causes minor damage to the area adjacent to the pavement edge. This area, traditionally known as the berm area, gets rutted by many vehicles such as school buses, cars mail trucks, and delivery trucks. For that reason, the City does not accept responsibility for incidental damages of the berm area.

To protect the berm area from potential damage, homeowners may install protective devices in the winter time (October - April) which can be purchased at a hardware or home repair store.