FAQs - Hunters

Where can I obtain a permit to hunt in Hudson?

The permit application packets may be picked up at the Hudson Police Station 24 hours a day and are also available on this website.

How much does it cost to apply?

There is no fee for a Hudson hunting permit.

May I hunt anywhere?

No. You must obtain written permission from a landowner or owners to be able to hunt. There must be five (5) acres or more of property on which to hunt. Adjoining properties can be used to meet the five (5) acre requirement as long as all property is continuous, not separated by a road, and contains no more than two residences. This information must be included in the application and this is the only location you are allowed to hunt.

May I use a firearm?

No, firearms are not permitted in the program. You must use a bow and arrow or a crossbow and bolt. Longbow or bow refers to a device for propelling an arrow by means of limbs, and a string which is hand-held, hand-drawn and held in a drawn position by hand. It can also be a hand-held mechanical release, or a mechanical device with a working safety. This would include compound bows and recurve bows. The minimum draw weight is 40 lbs. Crossbow refers to a device for propelling an arrow by means of transverse limbs and a string, mounted on a stock of at least 25 inches in length, and having a working safety. The draw should not be less than 75 lbs. The arrow tip shall have a minimum of two cutting edges which may be exposed or unexposed and a minimum 3/4-inch width. Expandable and mechanical broadheads are legal. Poisoned or explosive arrows are illegal.

Do I have to hunt from a tree stand?

Yes, a tree stand is required and it must be a minimum of eight (8) feet off the ground.

How many deer can I take?

A total of four (4). Hudson resides in Summit County, which has been designated a four deer county by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources-Ohio Division of Wildlife. Four deer means no more than one antlered deer and three antlerless deer. An antlerless deer is defined as any deer having antlers less than three (3) inches in length. If a hunter chooses to hunt deer outside of Summit County, but still in Ohio, he/she may harvest up to ten total deer, only one which is antlered. Deer taken in Hudson are counted as part of the ‘ten’ total deer.

Where do I check my deer in Hudson?

1) The State of Ohio, per ODNR rules, requires the checking of deer. Information about the State requirements for checking deer is available on their website here. You can check your deer on the ODNR website here.

2) Hudson also requires a separate check, which can be done online using this Deer Check Form or by completing the form enclosed in the deer hunting permit packet and returning it to the Hudson Police Station. You also may check a deer by phone (330-342-1800). The separate check allows Hudson officials the ability to gauge the efficacy of the deer management program, as the State of Ohio only breaks down deer harvest by county, not by municipality.