Grave Site Regulations

Please respect the following regulations:
  • American flags, veterans' and D.A.R. medallions are welcomed.
  • Artificial flowers are not permitted at any time. Fresh, cut flowers are always welcome, but glass containers are prohibited at all times.
  • Balloons and other decorations inappropriate for cemeteries are subject to immediate removal.
  • Copings around grave sites are no longer permitted.
  • Green-only artificial wreaths are permitted from December 1 to March 1.
  • No plantings by individuals are permitted in the Memorial Section where only flush mounted markers are allowed.
  • Plantings may be made in the aisles only of other sections of the cemeteries subject to approval by cemetery authorities. Specific permission as to types of plantings and exact locations will not be unreasonably withheld.
  • Potted plants are permitted but will be removed by cemetery personnel when they no longer serve a decorative purpose.

General Regulations

Please follow the regulations listed below:
  • All burials and the preparation of foundations for markers must be done under the supervision of the cemetery sexton.
  • Except by descent, no sale or transfer of a grave site shall be effective unless ratified by the City of Hudson.
  • Up to three interments of ashes will be permitted in one grave site. However, if individual commemorative markers are desired for multiple burials, they must be flush mounted.
  • Vaults are mandatory, for full burials. Bottomless vaults are permitted for full burials. They are preferred for the burials of infants and for cremations.
  • Visitations made to any of the cemeteries in other than daylight hours are strictly prohibited. Non-authorized individuals detected and/or apprehended in Hudson cemeteries in the hours of darkness are subject to prosecution for criminal trespass in conformance with statute 642.25 of the Ohio Revised Code.