Snow Routes

The City has approximately 14 snow routes which encompass approximately 350 lane miles. Each route contains varying miles of primary, collector and local streets. In Hudson, most subdivisions are comprised of collector streets, local streets and cul-de-sacs. 

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Snow Routes 2017

Priority # 1 – Primary Streets - Green 

Major arteries are plowed first. The City's intention is to ensure that a system of top-priority routes (primary snow routes) remain open and passable at all times. During a winter storm, these streets will continue to receive treatment as long as weather conditions continue.   Blowing snow and freezing roads once snow has thawed can require continued treatment.  These routes are a priority because they provide a vital link for police, fire, and emergency services.

Priority # 2 – Collector Streets - Blue

Main roads through subdivisions and streets connecting two or more priority 1 streets in a residential neighborhood.  These streets are plowed and treated once the primary streets are maintained.

Priority # 3 – Local Streets & Residential Cul-De-Sacs 

Residential streets, courts and cul-de-sacs will be serviced once priority and priority 2 streets have been cleared. In addition to the streets, 217 cul-de-sacs need to be cleared.  During significant winter storms, the City hires a private contractor to maintain the cul-de-sacs.  

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