Petitions & Assessments

Improvement Study Petition

This petition requires at least ten percent (10%) of the property owners to sign an agreement for a proposed improvement area along their roadway. After the cost of the improvement is determined, at least sixty percent (60%) participation is required in order for the project to move forward. The cost of the assessment, if approved, will be determined by Council.  
Step 1: Click here to complete a Petition for an Improvement Study
Step 2: Click here to complete a Special Assessment Petition (requires 60% Participation)

Petition for a Safety Study

Safety studies require an investment in time and money to successfully analyze reported problems. This petition gives the Engineering Department and other cooperating departments the ability to survey the problem(s) in an area, rather than reacting to a single report or request. Click here for the Petition for a Safety Study.

Target Speed Study

A target speed study is a request from at least sixty percent (60%) of the property owners along the roadway to assess whether a speed zone should be changed. Click here for the Petition for a Target Speed Study.