Income Tax

The City of Hudson has a 2 percent income tax that is levied on the gross pay of anyone working in the City. If you live in Hudson and work outside of Hudson, the City grants 100 percent credit for income tax that is paid to the city in which you are employed. The City contracts with the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) to administer income tax collections. RITA online provides the income tax portion of the City's codified ordinance, income tax forms, and the ability file income tax online. 

Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA)

General information about the agency, tax collection, and the ability to file taxes online. 

Income tax questions and correspondence should be directed to RITA at the following address:


10107 Brecksville Road

Brecksville, Ohio 44141-8813

Phone: (800) 860-7482

Fax: 440-526-8813

RITA Resource for Taxpayer Filing Needs

Property Taxes

Property taxes are collected by Summit County. For property tax information, contact the Summit County Fiscal Office at (888) 388-5613. To find information about your home or business property tax bill online, click here.

Sales Tax

The Sales Tax rate in Summit County is 6.75 percent. The tax applies to the retail sale, lease and rental of tangible personal property as well as the sale of selected services. Sales Tax is collected by the State of Ohio. For additional sales tax information, contact the Ohio Department of Taxation at (888) 405-4089.