Event Applications

Block Parties

Residents or homeowner's associations that plan to hold a block party must complete a Block Party Application and submit it to the City for approval. Please review the regulations below before submitting a Block Party Application. Submission of application does not indicate approval.

Food Trucks

A "Mobile Food Vehicle" means a food establishment that is located upon or within a vehicle, including but not limited to trucks, passenger vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles, or which is pulled by a vehicle, where food or beverage is cooked, prepared, or served for individual portion service. The definition includes but is not limited to: mobile food kitchens, pushcart vendors, bicycle cart vendors, mobile food trucks, canteen trucks, ice cream sales trucks, and coffee trucks. The definition does not apply to "meals on wheels" program vehicles, or food delivery services. Refer to Chapter 874 of the Land Development Code.

Garage Sales

Garage sales do not require a permit. However, a Temporary Sign Application must be completed to display signs announcing the sale, must be approved by the Community Development Department.

Media Production

A permit is necessary for any individual or company interested in media production (film, video, or large-scale photography) on City property within the city limits of Hudson. Depending on the scope of your production, permits can be issued in as little as 48 hours. The permit is good for the length of the project.

Public Agency Participants/Vendors

Public agencies participating in a temporary special event on public property are required to submit a vendor application minimally thirty (30) days prior to the event and provide a valid Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Hudson as the additionally insured. This application is only intended for public agencies, not for-profit businesses or individuals selling a product.

Non-Incorporated Participants

Non-Incorporated participant is defined as a participant that is not associated with an organization with an EIN or paid staff members. These participants are unable to conduct any for profit activities as part of their event participation. This type of participation must make sure they are covered under the overall event's umbrella insurance policy.

Vendor Application

For-profit vendors with items/food for sale. This type of vendor must submit a Certificate of Insurance for the coverage and requirements listed above along with the City of Hudson Vendor Application.

Temporary Special Event Application

The City of Hudson requires all events hosted on public property to obtain a Temporary Special Events Permit and submit required documents to the Community Relations Manager prior to an event. Public events on private property with an expected attendance of 250 people and/or use of City services or resources require a Temporary Special Event Application to be completed.

Town Hall Restroom Use Request

A permit is necessary for the use of the Town Hall restroom facilities during Special Events. The organization requesting use of the restroom must assume responsibility for all clean up, trash removal, and paper items used through the event period. The form shall be submitted no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled event. 


Couples seeking to hold their wedding or residents wishing to have photos taken on City property, such as the downtown Gazebo Green, must complete a Wedding/Photography Application.