Street Maintenance

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The Hudson Service Division maintains the quality of our roads to keep roads safe for residents.


  • Curb Repairs - Repair and maintain curbs from weather and vehicle damage.
  • Guardrail Repairs - Repair and maintain City-owned and maintained rails.
  • Leaf Collection - Begins in late October and collects leaves left at the curb from properties on public City streets. Click here for more information.
  • Mowing Program - The roadside mowing program typically mows the right-of-way areas throughout the mowing season to provide clear line of sight. The City will not mow right-of-ways that abut properties with homes or buildings. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the tree lawn or public right of way at the street or curb. Rotation Cycle by Quadrant: Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, Northwest, State Route 8.
  • Pothole Repair - Potholes are repaired as reported by residents or City staff. Cold patching or Spray injection patching is used to repair potholes and other minor road surface issues. Click here for more information about our Durapatching System.
  • Street Patching Program - This is a semi-annual program which occurrs in the spring and fall. Streets are evaluated as to condition, and repaired based priority. This in the not annual Asphalt program which is scheduled through the Engineering Department.
  • Street Sweeping - Street Sweeping is routine maintenance performed at least three times a year on curbed streets and bike lanes.
  • Signs - The Service Division crew's create, replace and install signage throughout the City. Additionally, they are responsible for setting up road and lane closures on City streets and State Route 8. The Service Division adheres to guidelines recommended by the Ohio Department of Transportation, ODOT. 

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  • Other basic maintenance items include curb repair, minor landscaping in the right-of-way and requests from other City Departments.
  • Snow Control - Snow Control operations are performed during winter weather conditions to provide safe roads for residents, patrons and emergency vehicles.