Short Term Rentals

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Short-Term Rentals in the City of Hudson

On February 2, 2021 City Council adopted Ordinance 20-160 establishing a mandatory license program for Short Term Rentals, such as Airbnb, in the City of Hudson. 

The short-term rental ordinance has been established to promote the public health, safety and welfare of the city and its residents and balance the diverse interests of the City of Hudson’s short-term rental owners, renters, property owners, and residential communities.

What is a Short-Term Rental?

A short-term rental is defined as any room or dwelling that is rented wholly or partly for a fee for less than thirty consecutive days by persons other than the permanent occupant or owner from which the permanent occupant or owner receive monetary compensation. Short-term rental does not include a room in a Hotel or Motel. 

Bed and Breakfast establishments are not subject to the short-term rental regulations.  Bed and Breakfast inns are separately regulated as a principal commercial use, require Planning Commission review, and typically include meal service and renting to multiple tenants in the same night.  

Short-Term Rental Regulations 

A short-term rental operation will regulate the maximum number of guests who can occupy the rental and the maximum number of vehicles allowed on the premise. Short-term rentals are also subject to an annual City of Hudson Fire Department inspection and must maintain liability insurance. Additionally, short-term rental properties will be actively monitored and properly enforced in order to maintain the protection of the surrounding residential neighborhoods.  Read the Ordinance here for full list of the regulations.

Application Approval Process

All short-term rental operations must go through an application approval process. Once approved, the license holder must annually apply for a renewal license in November of every year. The application will be reviewed through the City of Hudson’s Community Development Department. There will be a 14-day public comment/notice period with a sign posted on the property during this duration. City Staff will receive public comment during this 14-day period to assist in the evaluation of the short-term rental application compliance with the applicable regulations.  Please visit this link to start the application approval process

For further information please contact Amanda Davey, Associate Planner, at 330-342-1886 or via email.