Traffic Safety

Submit a Traffic Safety Concern

Keeping the people who use and cross our roadways safe is a top priority for the City of Hudson. Do you have a specific traffic safety concern or suggested traffic safety improvements? Use the button below to submit your concern or suggestion. City staff will review your submission and get back to you. 

To make a request about routine maintenance of traffic features such as a damaged or defaced sign, please visit our Report a Concern page.
Submit a Concern

How to Submit Your Traffic Safety Concern

  1. Click the button above.
  2. Choose the location of your traffic concern/suggestion on the map.
  3. Add a photo of the concern/suggestion if applicable. Otherwise choose "no photo".
  4. Describe your concern or suggestion in the box provided. Input your contact information so City staff can follow up with you.
  5. Choose how you would like to submit your request. Please Note: Your name and contact information will be visible to City staff, even if you choose "hide your identity" when you submit a request. Your contact information will not be visible to the public. If you have a registered Engage Hudson account and you select "submit as self", your username will be visible to the public but your contact information will still be hidden.
  6. Register for the Engage Hudson app or sign in with your existing account information to submit your concern/suggestion.

Have Other Concerns to Report?

Use the Report a Concern page or the mobile version (Engage Hudson app) to report non-traffic related concerns such as potholes, animal control, storm water maintenance, and more.

Hudson's Traffic Safety Committee

The City of Hudson's Traffic Safety Committee is made up of City staff from the Engineering Department, Police Department, Public Works Department, and the Administration Department. Together, the Committee reviews any traffic concerns within Hudson and works together to find solutions to make the areas of concern safer. These recommended solutions are then presented to City Council for approval and permission to proceed with implementation. A recent summary of the work the Traffic Safety Committee has completed is coming soon.