Hudson Public Power

power outage
To report a power outage 24/7
(330) 342-1715
For non-urgent concerns, visit Report a Concern.
Customer Service / Report a Non-Urgent Problem
1140 Terex Road            (330) 342-1750
Monday - Friday                      8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Hudson Public Power (HPP) is dedicated to providing reliable service to its approximately 6,400 electric customers. This system is composed of 100 miles of overhead and 60 miles of underground wire. The HPP system is connected to the nation's power grid through two points of entry, a rare occurrence in municipal systems. This design redundancy allows for the rapid rerouting of electric service should a failure or voltage irregularities occur.

Services for Safety

Hudson Public Power provides services for your safety.

Other Services

Contact the Public Works Department for the following service problems:
  • Power Outages
  • Flickering lights
  • Partial power
  • Tree branches on power lines
  • Low hanging wires
  • New street lights

Pay Your Electric Bill 


Hudson makes it easy to pay your City of Hudson electric and water bills online. Visit Utility Services to sign up for online bill pay. 
Billing / New Accounts
1140 Terex Road
Hudson, OH 44236
(330) 342-1710
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm 


Call Before You Dig

By law, everyone must contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service at (800) 362-2764 or 8-1-1, at least 48 hours, but no more than 10 working days (excluding weekends and legal holidays), before beginning any digging project.

Utility Line Protection and HVAC System Protection Program

The City of Hudson has partnered with IGS Energy Home Services with a home protection program.  As a homeowner, you are responsible for any repairs needed to the utility lines and pipes that connect from the City main lines to your home.  Many homeowner insurance policies do not cover these failures. Repairs can be costly.

What is IGS Energy Home Services?

IGS Energy Home Services offers homeowners a solution to pay for the covered repairs and offers a guarantee for 12 months.  
  • Utility Protection - Protection for repairs to your home's water, sewer, gas and electric lines
  • HVAC System Protection - Covers expensive repairs to your home's furnace, central AC unit, heat pump and water heaters.

How do I Sign Up?

Contact IGS Home energy Services at 877-275-8197 or visit