Darrow Park Ditch Cleaning

Project Description 

The City of Hudson will be commencing with the Darrow Park Ditch Cleaning project starting 9-8-2020.  The cleaning of the ditch will include the removal of branches, logs and debris that are within the stream corridor.  The branches or debris are being removed as they could become dislodged and float downstream and clog a 78” culvert located west of Lascala Drive.  The work limits are from Darrow Road to Lascala Drive (see attached Exhibit A).  After the work is completed, the City will be able to better inspect the ditch for future potential blockage areas.  The work is scheduled for completion by no later than November 2020.  

When the contractor is on-site, areas of the walking trail near the ditch may be in use by the contractor performing the work.  The contractor is required to restore the walking path upon completion of  the project.   Temporary closures of the walking path during the day (7:00am – 3:30pm Monday – Friday) should be expected while the contractor is on site. The contractor will provide signage clearly stating tree crews ahead and that the path is closed beyond the point of the signs.  

Other project Notes:

  • The contractor will place removed material outside of the floodplain to prevent it from re-entering streams during flood events. Natural material will be mulched and left on site. Debris or other refuse will be removed from the site. 
  • No digging or grading within the stream is included in the project.
  • No disposal of materials into streams or against stream banks is permitted.
  • Vegetation removal is limited to dead snags, loose debris and live vegetation which obstructs stream flow.
  • The contractor shall leave stumps and roots in place to protect against erosion
  • Minimize disturbance to the floodplain and riparian areas from access routes is required.
  • All work shall be performed outside of the stream (from the bank or a temporary access point) where feasible.
  • Work times are limited to low or no flow conditions (during late summer or fall

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Darrow Park Ditch Cleaning
If you have questions regarding this project, please contact :
Justin Lilly, Construction Inspector 
(330) 342-1770