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Hudson operates and maintains five municipal cemeteries. Grave sites are available for immediate or pre-planning needs.
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View the Hudson Municipal Cemetery Interactive Map Search Tool to see the grave sites that are available for purchase. You can also use the map to find friends and relatives that may be buried in one of Hudson's Cemeteries. To purchase a grave site, please call 330-342-1750.

Hudson Cemeteries

  • Draper Cemetery
    2501 E. Streetsboro Rd.
    Hudson, OH 44236
  • Markillie Cemetery
    410 N. Main St.
    Hudson, OH 44236
  • St. Mary Cemetery
    410 N. Main St.
    Hudson, OH 44236
  • Old Hudson Township Burying Ground
    30 Chapel St.
    Hudson, OH 44236
  • O'Brien Cemetery
    5410 Hudson Dr.
    Hudson, OH 44236


  • Cemetery Board - View members of the Cemetery Board.
  • Rates - View cemetery fees for Hudson residents and nonresidents. Rates can be paid in the following ways:
  1. Cash
  2. Checks made payable to "City of Hudson"
  3. Credit card with a 3% convenience fee. Credit card payments can be made at the Cemetery Office or at the Public Works office.  Payment is also accepted over the phone at 330-342-1750 or online.

  • Regulations - Read grave site and general regulations.
    Remember the Men & Women of Hudson
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Note:  A minimum convenience fee of $1 or 3% of your total will be charged. 

Hudson Veterans Memorial Garden

Woven inextricably into the fabric of Hudson's history of twenty decades are the lives of the men and women who have lived here. Most of them can be considered as having been ordinary people for their times; yet, some of them deserve the acclaim of having been extraordinary. 

Certainly they all contributed to the establishment and maintenance of an uncommonly attractive community which, by cherishing its history, faces the future with confidence. Many of their lives (and their deaths) are forever commemorated by monuments in one of Hudson's five cemeteries, and we honor them.

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