Downtown Angled Parking

First & Main

Project Update 8/28/20

Earlier this week, Village Way and Park Lane (between Library Street and First Street) were converted to one-way streets to allow for the addition of 20 angled parking spaces around the perimeter of the First & Main Green. Please pay attention to the new one-way signage that indicates the direction of travel on these streets, and use caution as motorists become used to the changes.

Project Update 8/5/20

Hudson City Council passed the angled parking proposal outlined below at the 8/4/20 meeting. The striping of the new angled parking spots and the one-way traffic changes will take place in the next couple months.

Project Description

In early 2020, the City formed a Parking Committee made up of Hudson merchants, the Hudson Chamber of Commerce, and City staff to investigate ways to add more parking closer to the downtown stores and restaurants. Additional parking would make it easier for visitors to find parking and park closer to where they want to shop or eat, especially for quick, convenient shopping trips or when picking up take-out meals.

After analyzing the downtown traffic flow, the City and the Parking Committee found that the most effective and efficient way to add parking to Downtown Hudson is to temporarily change Village Way and Park Lane from two-way to one-way between Library Street and First Street. This change would allow the City to add approximately 20 angled parking spaces around the perimeter of the First & Main Green to better serve the downtown area.

The number of parking spaces would increase from 50 spaces to 69 spaces. One additional Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) parking space would also be added to the three existing ADA spaces. If approved by City Council, these changes would be put into effect sometime in September of 2020.

Existing Parking - Click to Enlarge

Exhibit A - Existing Parking Layout on Park Village

Proposed Parking - Click to Enlarge

Exhibit B - Proposed 60 Degree Parking Layout