Barlow Community Center Dam Improvements

Project Update March 2023

Contractor has installed a new remote valve and finalized the reminder of the project.  Contractor will work on final restoration and cleanup.

Project Update October 2022

This project is anticipated to be completed by November, 2022 with only asphalt trail replacement work and cleanup work remaining.

Project Update April 2022

The Barlow Dam project was originally bid in November, 2021.  Due to the project bids coming in over 10% of the estimate, the project was rebid this spring. The contractor selected for the work is Mark Haynes Construction. Work on the project is scheduled to begin the week of April 18, 2022. The project is anticipated to be completed in the fall, 2022 including new tree planting. The project scope remains the same as described below.

Project Update November 2021

The project design has been finalized and the contract is out to bid. Construction of the project is anticipated in early 2022, weather permitting.  

Project Description

The Barlow Community Center Dam Improvements Project will address safety requirements from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, as well as recommended storm water storage improvements as identified by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District's Cuyahoga South Watershed Study. See the story map and resources below for detailed improvement explanations.

Project Info

  1. Story Map

    See the project plans for each area of the Barlow Community Center Dams by viewing the story map here.

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    Public Comment

    The Public Comment period for this project has closed. Thank you to those who participated!

Project Schedule

The estimated project schedule is as follows: 

  • Tree Clearing – Starts Week of March 8, 2021 (weather permitting)
  • Continue Design – February thru May 2021
  • Final Review by ODNR, ACOE and other review agencies – Late Spring, 2021
  • Bid Project - June, 2021
  • Estimated Construction Schedule: Summer, 2021 (four months)

Past Project Updates

Project Update March 2021

Project plans are nearing 60% completion.  Since the first public meeting in October 2020, the City’s consultant has continued to develop the project plans including:

  • Incorporated public comments, including limiting grading and tree removal limits.
  • Development of a proposed landscaping plan
  • Development of lower lake dredging plan
  • Finished topographical survey data collection including survey of the bottom of the lakes
  • Conducted geotechnical soil sampling and analysis
  • Finished hydraulic modeling and analysis for the proposed dams and storm water storage.
  • Finished wetland assessments and submittal to the Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE) for wetland permitting
  • Submittal of preliminary plan to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) for review

Project Update October 2020

Thank you to those residents who have provided input to the project so far. The project design including hydraulic study, preliminary grading plan and wetland/stream evaluation is underway. Concept plans of the project are shown below and includes the following major project elements: 

  • Lower Lake - New earthen dam and emergency spillway near S. Oviatt Street
  • Upper Lake - New emergency spillway between the lakes to be constructed along the south side of upper lake dam near existing trail triangle.
  • Upper Lake - Additional storm water storage along southern bank of upper lake only. No grading or tree removal along northern bank of Upper Lake.
  • Both Lakes - Upgrades to valving system.
Additional improvements including grading for sled riding and dredging of the lake bottoms are also being analyzed. Comments provided during the first public input sessions, with responses can be reviewed here: 

Public Input Round 1 Q & A

Project History

In 2017, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Water Resources, inspected the two (upper and lower) Barlow Community Center Lake Dams and found that both dams require improvements to the dam spillways to meet state requirements.  In March, 2019, City of Hudson, in association with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) finalized a study titled the “Cuyahoga River South (CRS) Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP) - City of Hudson Community Report”.  The purpose of the study was to identify recommend stormwater solutions to major storm water concerns in the Brandywine Creek watershed, including a prioritized list of construction and maintenance projects.

The Stormwater Master Plan study included evaluation of portions of the Brandywine Creek Tributary from Ravenna Street, Barlow Community Center into downtown Hudson. Stormwater solutions in this area included a lake expansion project at the Barlow Community Center’s, Upper Lake.  The study identified the potential to permanently increase detention in Barlow Community Center, Upper Lake by 9.5 ac-ft and install additional operational controls able to further temporarily lower the water elevation in the upper lake and lower lakes prior to significant rain events.  

In April 2019, a separate feasibility study identified solutions to meet the ODNR dam spillway requirements. The feasibility study identified that a new overflow between the upper lake and lower lake could be constructed to meet the upper dam’s spillway needs.  The feasibility study identified that a smaller dam could be constructed near the outlet of the lower lake dam to meet the ODNR spillway requirements  

In May 2019, NEORSD agreed to fund the design and construction of the Barlow Community Center Lake Improvements Project.  The project will address both the ODNR dam spillway requirements and Stormwater Master Plan recommended storm water storage improvements.

Project Contact

Should you have any immediate questions or comments, please contact the City of Hudson Engineering Department.

City of Hudson Engineering Department

Phone: 330-342-1770