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Please note that we are working to keep all resources as updated as possible. However, the City of Hudson does not guarantee the accuracy of this information as things are changing daily.

State of Ohio Business Resources

Businesses and workers can now access all of these resources related to COVID-19 in one place at The portal includes information on unemployment benefits, the Small Business Administration’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, the Liquor Buyback Program, modified rules for trucking to help ship critical supplies into the state, the delay of BWC Premiums, etc.

JobsOhio, Ohio Liquor, and Ohio Department of Commerce Liquor Rebate Program

The one-time Liquor Rebate Program is designed to help Ohio bars and restaurants as they navigate reopening in the coming weeks. Eligible permit holders can receive a $500 rebate to purchase high proof spirituous liquor at their assigned wholesale Contract Liquor Agency once they register. To view eligible permits, register, and find out more about the program, visit

Small Business Administration

SBA is here to assist small businesses with accessing federal resources and navigating their own preparedness plans as described by the CDC’s Guidance for Businesses and Employers. There are many resources about loans and assistance for businesses on the Small Business Administration website here.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act

The Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Department of Treasury have begun releasing the information that will guide the programs created through the CARES Act. View The Small Business Owner's Guide to the CARES Act here, or visit the SBA website.

Summit County Emergency Management Agency

Summit County Emergency Management Agency will try to accommodate any requests for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for businesses after the following steps are taken:
  1. A local organization/business/individual should first attempt to find the resource internally, through an affiliated organization or through vendors or other suppliers
  2. If the local organization/business/individual is unable to find the resource, they can send that request to their local community (city, township or village) Department Operations Centers (DOC). Please note that the City of Hudson unfortunately does not have a stockpile of PPE to supply businesses with.
  3. The local community DOC (or representative) should look to fill the resource locally (owned or procured) or through mutual aid partners.
  4. Resources that cannot be obtained locally at the DOC level can be forwarded to the Summit County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
  5. The EOC determines if fulfillment is possible with county resources (owned or procured) or personnel, through mutual aid, or from neighboring or regional counties
    1. Request sent to the Summit County EOC should be on the 213 RR Form
    2. Hospital or Health Departments will use the 213 RR – adapted for ODH form
    3. Request for PPE will need to be accompanied with the Ohio EMA COVID-19 Form
    4. Resource request must be signed by the DOC Representative and emailed to
  6. Resources that cannot be obtained at the EOC will be forwarded to the Ohio Emergency Management Agency
If you need assistance while going through this process, please contact Summit County EMA at

Summit County Public Health
View Summit County Public Health's resources for businesses here.

Greater Akron COVID-19 Resource Guide

Together, the City of Akron, County of Summit, and the Greater Akron Chamber created this site as a resource for businesses and employees to stay informed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. View the website here.


TeamNeo offers a variety of local, regional, state and federal resources for businesses. Visit the TeamNeo website.

More Resources

How to Prepare Your Business and Employees During Coronavirus (From Intuit)

Small Business Resiliency Guide

This Business Resiliency Guide is a tool to help you assess risks and make contingency plans that can help your business recover from the immediate threat as well as the disruptions that could continue over weeks or months. From America's Small Business Development Center Network.