Over the course of several years, with input from citizens, Planning Commission and City Council, the density of the Downtown Phase II project has decreased. The following chart shows the changes in density in the course of the project.

Residential Units

Use Comprehensive Plan 2016 Preliminary Plan     May 2018 Approved      Prelminary Plan Revised   Preliminary Plan PC Approved     Final Plan
Town Homes 44 57 63 75 46 single-family detached
22 single-family attached
14 townhomes

Condominiums /Apartments 144 90 80 50 condominiums
20 condominiums
TOTAL UNITS 188 147 143 125 102

Office/Commercial Space

Use Comprehensive Plan 2016 Preliminary Plan May 2018 Approved Preliminary Plan PC Approved Final Plan
Office/Commercial 135,750 sf 145,000 sf 138,043 sf 110,450 sf

Density Comparisons

When compared to other areas and developments in Hudson, Downtown Phase II is third from last, with only two developments having less density per acre.
Updated Density Map 8-2019