Veterans Trail Phase 4/Barlow Road Sidewalk

Project Update October 2021:

The western Veterans Trail Phase 4 project is currently on hold pending easement acquisition.  The eastern portion of the project from Nicholson Drive to SR 91 (the Barlow Road Sidewalk project) was bid in July and the work started in September.  Barlow Road Closure:  The contractor will be closing Barlow Road to east bound traffic only beginning Monday, October 11th for 30 calendar days.  West bound traffic will be maintained (one way traffic only).  A signed detour will be in place for east bound traffic to use Terex Road and Darrow Road.  A detour map can be viewed here.  

Barlow Road Sidewalk Project

Project Update:

The 30-day one-way road closure for the Barlow Road Sidewalk Improvement Project started on October 11, 2021. The following revisions to the one-way closure are being implemented as 
  1. Additional signs will be added, and some removed to clarify the intent of the one-way closure (some signs have already been added). 
  2. Two-way traffic will now be restored at the west end of Barlow Road from Terex Road to Nicholson Drive. One way traffic will be maintained west bound only from SR 91 to Nicholson Drive. 
  3. Portable message boards will be added west of the Barlow/Terex intersection. 
  4. A Portable message board or sign will be added at the Barlow/Terex intersection to clarify to east bound traffic that Ellsworth Meadows is open and to “follow detour”. 
Some of these sign revisions have already taken place or will be revised in the coming days.  An updated detour map is attached for your reference.   

Leaf Pickup on Barlow Road

Leaf pickup will begin along Barlow Road on October 25 and may coincide with ongoing  construction activities near your property. Please place your leaves close to the edge of the 
roadway to allow for collection. 

Project Description

This project will include the installation of an 8-foot-wide concrete sidewalk along the north side of Barlow Road from Nicholson Drive east to the railroad tracks.  It will then transition to a 7-foot-wide concrete sidewalk to 1289 Barlow Road.  At this point the sidewalk will transition to a standard 5-foot-wide concrete sidewalk to Darrow Road.  The total project length is 1.05 miles.  The trail & sidewalk construction includes storm drainage improvements, grading, driveway repairs, and tree removal.  For more information about the other stages of Veterans Trail, take a look at the project story map.

A link to the current construction plans for this project can be found here.

Contact Information:

If you have questions regarding this project, please contact :

Bradley Kosco, P.E., P.S., City Engineer

(330) 342-1770


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