Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement responds to citizen complaints by determining if a violation has occurred, alerting the responsible party that they are in violation, and enforcing compliance through the legal process. It also conducts periodic inspections of existing residential and commercial properties for code violations. In general, there are two types of enforcement: zoning and property maintenance.

Zoning Violations

Many major construction or renovations to a property require an active zoning certificate. Examples of items that need zoning certificates include fences, signage, project completion, and design compliance. 

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance enforcement requires homeowners maintain their properties according to the Code.  The most common complains the City receives about property maintenance are:

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Enforcement Process

When the City receives a complaint or sees a code violation, the inspects the property and notifies the property owners through personal contact, door hangers, and/or a courtesy letter explaining the violation and asking them to correct the issue. Many times, the homeowner is not aware that it is a code violation, and the first courtesy contact is all that is needed to have the violation corrected.  If the violation is not corrected, we send a formal warning, with a specific time period in which the homeowner should correct the violation.  If it is still not corrected, we issue a citation which could result in fines.


Clean, well maintained homes, yards and streets maintain property values and discourage criminal activities. If you have concerns about violations for a specific property, submit a complaint:

  • Call Community Development at 330-342-1790.