Fire Education


The number one goal of the Fire Department is to prevent the loss of life and property. Through education programs conducted in our schools and community, we can take a large step forward toward accomplishing this goal. 

Fire Safety Education Programs

The Fire Department offers fire safety programs to children and the community in the City of Hudson.
  • General Fire Safety Programs - We present a variety of safety topics for the home and business.
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans - The department helps prepare your emergency evacuation routes and procedures to fit your home or facility.
  • Juvenile Fire-Setters Counseling - Education and counseling programs are presented to children who are exhibiting interest in playing with fire.
  • Sparky the Fire Dog - We provide visits to children's groups to remind them to stay fire-safe.
  • Preschool Parents Fair - Games and activities are offered to all ages during this fair.
  • Safety Town - The Safety Town program, run through the Hudson Board of Recreation, is supported and operated by the Fire Department.
  • Hudson Local Schools - Fire safety education programs are presented to all ages in the classrooms during school sessions.
  • Preschool / Child Care - Programs and tours are designed specifically for children in this age group to promote fire safety
Fire Safety with Lt. Kevin Nelson

Part 1: Detectors and Extinguishers

Lt. Kevin Nelson, Fire Educator for the Hudson Fire Department, explains some of the common problems seen with fire safety products in the home, and how to make sure your fire safety products are up-to-date and reliable. Watch Part 2, Buying Fire Safety Products, below!

Part 2: Buying Fire Safety Products

The fire safety aisle at the store can be overwhelming with a large variety of products to choose. Lt. Kevin Nelson takes us to the store to show us which fire safety products are the best to buy for your home.

For More Information

To take advantage of our programs, call our office at 330-342-1860 to schedule or talk to us about any program needs.