City Council News & Updates

  1. Barlow Road Picture

    Accelerated Road Program to Appear in Final Budget

    Over the past few months, Council has discussed ways to fund an accelerated road program that would improve the overall rating and drivability of our roads. Council has directed staff to put a 10-year $2.3 million bond in the 5-Year Plan and Budget. Read on...
  2. Ball Field Drainage Issue

    Barlow Ball Fields to Undergo Safety Repairs

    Council has authorized safety-related repairs of the four baseball fields at Barlow Farm Park due to years of excessive wear and failing infrastructure. Read on...
  3. Pasco Entrance

    City Hall Cost Comparison

    To correct misinformation out in the public, there were no cost “overruns” for the purchase and renovation of the former PASCO building for use as a City Hall. The renovations came in within the budget, with more than 5% of the 10% contingency remaining. Read on...
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