Architectural Renderings

The following renderings are conceptual only and do not represent the actual look or architecture of the project. The density and types of homes were changed since these renderings were submitted, so they may not be accurate.  Once the final plan has been approved, the actual architectural renderings will be completed and will go before the Architectural and Historic Board of Review for its review. We will update this page at that time.

1. Morse Road looking North.

Render 1 - Morse Road Looking North

2. Owen Brown St. Looking North at Village Way

Render 2 - Owen Brown Looking North at Village Way

2. Road A - Looking West

Render 3 - Road A Looking West

4. Road A - Looking South on Village Way

Render 4 - Road A Looking South Down Village Way

Watercolor Renderings

Location Map for Renderings

Downtown Phase II Phase A Whole Plan