History of the Project

The 2015 Comprehensive Plan established a development plan for the Phase II area as an integrated and walkable extension of the already existing First and Main development. The development was to be comprised mainly of commercial, office, and residential uses.

In May of 2016, Council authorized a request for qualification process to identify a preferred development partner to implement the 2015 Comprehensive Plan's vision of the Downtown Phase II area. In September of 2016, Council authorized the City Manager to execute a letter of intent with Testa Companies to begin the process of redevelopment of the Downtown Phase II area. For more information about the selection process, click here.

The City, in conjunction with Testa Companies, held numerous public engagement sessions in 2016 and 2017 to aid in development of a preliminary plan which was submitted to Planning Commission in April of 2018. Planning Commission held public meetings in April, May and July of 2018 to review the preliminary plan and made a recommendation of approval with conditions.

City Council held a public hearing in August of 2018, followed by Council discussions in August and September of 2018. In November 2018, City Council held listening sessions to hear citizen likes and concerns about the project.  At the same time, Council began discussions regarding whether to put and advisory election issue on the ballot, similar to what was done with First and Main which was Phase I of the project.  On January 22, 2019, City Council voted unanimously to hold an advisory election on May 7, 2019.

The May ballot issue failed, and Council held subsequent public comment sessions to learn about citizen concerns and work toward a revised plan that would address many of those issue.  The plan went through several more revisions before the Final Plan for Phase A of the development was unanimously approved by Planning Commission in August of 2019. Phase A, the residential portion of Downtown Phase II, will be built first and was submitted separately similar to many developments in the City. 

The Phase A Plan needs to be approved by motion of City Council, after which architectural drawings will be submitted and go before the Architectural and Historic Board of Review for comment.  After all the approvals, construction would begin.

The commercial/office portion of the project, including the mixed-use building in Block C will be submitted separately to Planning Commission and City Council at a future date.

Downtown Phase II Timeline

Downtown Phase II Timeline Updated November 13, 2018