Skateboard Park

Project Complete​ 7/30/2020

The skate park is open and is already being enjoyed by many! Skates, scooters, and skateboards are permitted. Bikes are prohibited. Please wear your safety gear and stay off the seeded areas to allow the grass to grow.

Thank you to Van's for the generous grant. When we can, we will have a grand opening!

Project Update 3/6/20

Construction is moving right along! The old concrete at the skate park site is currently being removed so that new forms and concrete features can be installed.  

Project Update 2/27/20

The pre-construction meeting for the new Skate Park at Veterans Way Park is complete, and Grindline Skateparks is setting up to begin construction soon! Construction fencing and storage containers have been delivered to the site. You will begin to see more activity at Veterans Way Park in the coming weeks as construction ramps up. More updates will be posted as construction progresses.
Skate Park

History of the Skateboard Park

In 2000, Hudson parents, students, and school administrators approached City Council and the Park Board about building a skate park for teens. With many young skateboarding enthusiasts in our community, Hudsonites were looking for activities in the parks for teenagers. Originally, a temporary skate park was built on property located at Stow and Middleton Roads. Knowing this was only a temporary location to see how the facility would be used, the City looked for a permanent location. About 15 years ago, a permanent skate park was built on Veterans Way. The original construction was a concrete pad with wooden equipment. Over the years, the wood structures deteriorated and both the structures underneath and on the surface were starting to fall apart and were causing safety concerns.

Skateboard Park Renovations 2020

For two years, Hudson Parks staff reached out to skateboard park users seeking input on new structural features that could be incorporated into the improvement project. Staff shared these ideas and comments with the Park Board and utilized information gathered from the skate park users and input from City staff and Park Board members to issue a Request for Proposals for project design services.

The design services contract was awarded to the Grindline Concrete Skatepark Design and Construction in late 2018 based on the company's experience and competitive pricing. The final design was presented to the Park Board and City Council in February, 2019. The estimated cost for the renovated park was $250,000. Council approved the $250,000 expenditure to come from Park Funds. No general fund money would be used for the improvements.

After additional input from local and regional skaters, the designer's recommendation is to enlarge the project's footprint by 2,500 square feet for safety and improved functionality. The cost to enlarge the the footprint is $125,000. Vans Shoe Company has offered a $50,000 grant to the City for the skate park, bringing the total additional funding needed for the enlarged footprint to $75,000. City Council approved the additional funding on August 6, 2019. The project will go out to bid by the end of 2019 and will be constructed in the spring of 2020.