Fire Safe Seniors Program

What is it?

This free program is a community risk reduction project aimed at older adults (65 and over) living independently in their own home. Approximately 1900 older adults live in their own homes in Hudson. 

The funding provided 100 residential Knox boxes, 59 bed shakers/strobes (all bed shaker devices have been claimed), and 836 smoke detectors for the program (UPDATE 10/7/20: an additional 150 secure key boxes and 250 carbon monoxide detectors have been funded!). These are free to Hudson residents 65 and over while supplies last. In addition, reflective address numbers will be provided through EMS Outreach of Hudson.

Thanks to FEMA, this program also includes families with hearing impaired special needs students in the Hudson City School District. 

This program is completely voluntary and there is no cost or obligation to participate.

Why would I need these products?

  • Smoke Detectors - It is important to have up-to-date smoke detectors, working batteries, and the correct amount of detectors throughout your home. This will provide you the best chance of notification when there is a fire or potential fire in your home.
  • Knox Box - This highly secure key box allows an older adult to place a key to their home inside the box. Hudson Fire and EMS will then have the only key that opens the box so they can access your home if you are unable to reach the door to let them in (for example: if you are unconscious or have fallen and hurt yourself). Our safety personnel would not have to force entry into your home which sometimes causes damage to your doors or windows.
  • Reflective Address Numbers - New reflective address numbers ensure that Hudson Safety Forces are able to quickly and easily find your house in the event of an emergency.
  • (All available bed shaker devices have been claimed.) Bed Shaker/Strobe - If you are hard of hearing/have significant hearing loss, the bed shaker/strobe combo will shake your bed and a strobe light will turn on when your smoke detector detects smoke or a fire. This ensures you will be woken up when this type of emergency occurs in case you do not hear your smoke detector.

How does it work?

  • A representative of the Hudson Fire Department will visit the older adults home. 
  • The representative will perform an assessment to see what products may be needed.
  • HFD will install the recommended products. Program participants are not required to accept the recommended products.
  • A follow-up visit will then be scheduled with the R.U.OK? program. During the follow-up visit, they will ensure that the products are working correctly and that any fire safety recommendations have been maintained.
  • And it's FREE!

How do I sign up for the program?

If you are interested in being a part of the Fire Safe Seniors Program and receiving these free products, sign up here or call Hudson Fire Department at (330) 342-1860. Please note that your assessment must be scheduled well before July 21, 2021.

Program Funding and Updates

Program Update 10/19/21
All seniors previously on the waiting list have been contacted. There are still Knox boxes, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke detectors left! Please contact us using the sign up form or phone number above.

Program Update 10/7/20
Hudson Fire Department recently received a $46,300 Fire Prevention and Safety Grant for the continuation of its Fire Safe Seniors Program. The grant, along with a $2,300 contribution from Hudson Fire Department, will be able to fund 150 additional secure key boxes and 250 carbon monoxide detectors. 

During the initial phase of the Fire Safe Seniors Program, HFD found the need for carbon monoxide detectors in seniors’ homes due to the lack of/outdated detectors. Additionally, there are currently 70 residences on a waiting list for secure key boxes. With this second round of funding, HFD will continue to work to improve the health and safety of seniors 65 and older by reducing their risk of fire and carbon monoxide related injury and death.

HFD will contact those on the waiting list to schedule installation of the key boxes, then all participants from the initial phase of the program will be contacted regarding carbon monoxide detectors. HFD also continues to accept requests to be added to the program. 

First Round - January 2019
Thanks to a $47,000 Fire Prevention & Safety Grant from the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency, Hudson Fire Department is able to offer the HFD Fire Safe Seniors Program to Hudson residents who are 65 and older and living independently in their own homes. This program is completely voluntary and there is no cost or obligation to participate.

Example of Bed Shaker and Strobe

Bed Shaker and Strobe Fire Safe Seniors