S.R. 303 Butterfly Valve Replacement Project

Project Description

The construction of the S.R. 303 Butterfly Valve Replacement Project will begin the week of February 18, 2019. The contract was awarded to M. Campbell Contracting, LLC. The project includes the installation of new valves and hydrants at select locations on the 16” trunk water main that runs along the north side of W. Streetsboro Road from Terex Road to Boston Mills Road. The new valves and fire hydrants will aid in future maintenance needs and add fire protection along this section of the water main.

In order to perform the work, water service to approximately 18 residents will be interrupted for up to 10 hours on the day of construction near their residence. Residents will receive a blue door hanger shut-off notice 48 hours prior to their water being shut off. These residents were notified with letters during the design phase of the project and another letter was sent out recently indicating that the City will have bottled drinking water available to give out free of charge during the water service outage. Residents in the proximity of the project that will not be directly affected with water shut-downs received separate letters notifying them of the construction work in the area.

No water shutoffs are anticipated until around March 1, 2019. Most of the water main work will be completed by mid-March with final restoration taking place in the spring.

The Hudson Elms Nursing Home is in the project area and will have a temporary water main installed by our Public Works department so that they will not have any disruptions to their water service.

See the Project location exhibit below for more information.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Nate Wonsick, PE, Assistant City Engineer.
Phone: (330) 342-1770

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