Akron's Middleton Road Waterline Replacement Project

Project Description

The Middleton Road Waterline Replacement project by the City of Akron has been scheduled by Akron to bid in the summer, 2018 and begin construction in the fall. Final restoration of the project will take place in 2019 and include the resurfacing of Middleton Road and final restoration of any other disturbed areas.    

The project includes two parts. Part 1 includes the installation of a new 16” watermain and fire hydrants on Middleton Road from Stow Road west to Darrow Road (SR 91). Part 2 includes bolt replacement along Darrow Road (SR 91) from Middleton Road north to the Hudson/Twinsburg corporation line.  

More information will be posted after the project start date and duration has been identified.
Akron Middleton Rd Water Aerial