Market Research - Community-Wide Fiber

Market Research

In February of 2018, Uptown Services LLC performed a market research analysis that evaluated the viability of a community-wide fiber network in Hudson and measured citizen demand for a residential Gigabit-speed fiber-optic internet network.

How Was the Research Performed? 

A phone survey was conducted that eliminated voluntary response bias to a total sample size of 400 respondents (± 4.8 sample error at 955 confidence interval). The list included wired lines, wireless and cell phone numbers. Age quotas were used to ensure a robust sample across all age groups, and it was weighted to reflect the actual age distribution from the 2010 Census data.

Respondents were screened to ensure that they were speaking to a decision -maker for telecommunications and entertainment services in the home. Respondents with immediate family members employed by the City of Hudson, Windstream and/or Spectrum were excluded from the survey.

Market Research Result Highlights

  • 98% of Hudson households use the internet at home. 94% use a wireless access point.
  • 78% of respondents have 5 or more devices connected to the Internet at home while 30% have more than 10 devices connected.
  • 75% have experienced moderate, severe, or total disruption of their service and problems with reliability and speed.
  • 69% would prefer to receive 1 gigabit internet service (if offered) from the City rather than a private company.
  • 23% of Hudson households do not have traditional Pay TV, compared to the national average of 22%. 
  • 81% said that low-cost, high-speed internet was important to the future of the local community.
  • 7 out of 10 households believe that communities need fast internet to remain viable.

"98% of Hudson households have internet service."

"7 out of 10 households believe communities need fast internet to remain viable."

"69% of those surveyed are interested in City-owned and operated high-speed internet service over service from other providers."

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