Burglaries - Minimizing Your Risk

How to Help Minimize the Risk of Being a Victim of a Burglary

  • Lock all doors and windows, even when you are home. Use deadbolt and other types of security locks that make it harder to enter the home.
  • Make it difficult for someone to conceal themselves while breaking in. Avoid tall/thick shrubs around your windows and doors. Avoid privacy fences. 
  • Make sure there’s sufficient lighting near entrances, particularly in the rear of the home where break-ins are most likely to occur. Having good exterior lighting on a timer helps, but the best thing is a motion sensor floodlight. When a motion light kicks on, it can alert neighbors that something’s going on, and let the intruders know they can be seen.
  • Use timers on interior lights when you will not be home. The same kind of timers you use on lights can also be used to turn radios or TVs on and off to make it look like you’re home.
  • Keep valuables out of sight from windows or doors. Valuables or items that make it look like you have valuables inside, make you a more likely target of crime. 
  • Watch your neighbors’ homes and activity in the neighborhood. If you see something suspicious, call the Hudson Police immediately. We often receive calls about incidents hours later after the suspect is long gone.
  • An alarm system is excellent for home security. It provides peace of mind to homeowners, especially while on vacation. There is a wide variety of alarm systems on the market. Wireless WiFi operated alarms are helpful, particularly with battery backup if the electric or phone system is cut.
  • If you have a home alarm system, use it! Many individuals have alarm systems but do not arm them because it is inconvenient. Burglars know this and will not be deterred by a window sticker or sign indicating that the home has an alarm system.
  • Get a dog. The bark is more important than the bite. A little yappy dog can be more of a deterrent than a German Shepard. 
  • If you’re going away for a while, lock your garage and disconnect the automatic garage door opener.  Thieves can open the garage door with wireless transmitters.
  • Never post on social media that you’re out of town or that you’re going away. Thieves monitor these to determine when a home is vacant and ripe for a burglary.
  • Notify Hudson Police when you will be away from your home for an extended period. As part of our Vacation Watch Program, HPD periodically drives by to check on any activity, but it’s not a 24/7 security program. It’s also good to have a trusted neighbor keep an eye on your home, take in your mail, put trash cans out, etc. to make it look like you’re home.
  • Remember, it’s impossible to make your house completely break-in proof. The goal is to make your house less of a target for thieves. 

  1. Hudson Police Department: 36 S. Oviatt Street, Hudson, OH, 44236 
    Non-Emergency: (330) 342-1800 | Emergency: 9-1-1
    Administrative Hours: M - F | 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.