Information Technology

The Information Technology Department provides contemporary, innovative, efficient, effective secure, and accessible technology in computer, media, and communication services, enabling departments and employees to better serve the citizens of Hudson.


The City of Hudson maintains a centralized information management network for all City departments and divisions. This service is provided by maintaining current information processing techniques to record, compute, store, process and convey information. Among the goals of this activity are to: 

  • Provide direction for current and future technology projects 
  • Maintain and enhance the City's network infrastructure 
  • Maintain and enhance the City's investment in computers, servers and related peripheral equipment 
  • Provide for adequate safeguards and security of the City's digital information 
  • Provide project management for the City's Geographic Information System 

Functional Areas

The major functional areas of Information Technology are:

Help Desk

IT staff provides guidance, troubleshooting and problem resolution to more than 200 end-users in the areas of software problem determination, debugging, hardware maintenance, repair and procedural problem solving. In Fiscal Year 2015, support for more than 100 different applications was provided with over 8,695 hours by staff expended in this activity.

Systems Planning and Implementation

IT staff provides assistance in the specification, recommendation, purchase, installation and configuration of new and replacement systems and hardware. In the past year, 22 personal computers, and 1 hosts/physical server and 7 virtual servers have been replaced. Those replaced were at least five years old as part of the budgeted replacement cycle. 

Network Administration and Planning 

Staff continues in the role of steward for all data maintained on the central servers by maintaining a system of regular backups and off-site storage. Staff regularly monitors and responds to network “health” issues. IT provides monitoring and trouble-shooting for the city-wide wireless network which include mobile computers in the public safety vehicles, remote water meter readings and surveillance cameras.   


IT specifies, supports and works with departments to better utilize features and functionality of the City’s telephony resources. As we move to an “always and anywhere” connected workforce, communication and access to data resources in the field are key to organization efficiency and effectiveness. Included in this support are 160 Mitel IP Telephones and 43 smartphones, 2 tablets, 30 mobile data access devices and 30 cell phones. 

Velocity Broadband 

Velocity Broadband is a high-speed fiber internet service and VoIP phone services that the IT Department provides to Hudson businesses.

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