Parking in Downtown Phase II

When considering the amount of parking needed for Phase II, studies were performed to analysis parking needs throughout the downtown. It was determined that a parking structure, with approximately 300 spaces would be needed to accommodate the parking needs of the new office spaces being considered. 

Where Will the Parking Structure be Located?

The proposed parking structure will be located at the end of Clinton Street, tucked in between and hidden behind the new office buildings. The structure will blend with the architecture of the buildings, and will be virtually invisible from Clinton Street and Morse Road.

A1 (purple) is where the parking structure will be located, hidden behind the office buildings (blue).

Current Plan Map

Parking Study

A parking study was performed to determine parking needs of the Phase II project, as well as current parking conditions on North Main Street and First and Main. Innovation will play a key role in the future of parking downtown as the City studies parking management systems that allow for real-time monitoring of available spaces and expanded technology tools for visitors. 

The City selected Walker Parking Consultants to perform the downtown Parking Study to evaluate existing and proposed parking needs and make recommendations for the future parking within the Hudson Central Downtown Business District. The Study will be completed in the first quarter of 2018.