Veterans Trail Phase 3

Project Update February 8, 2022

Surveyors will be on site along the existing trail from Cascade Park to Barlow Road this week to complete staking of some minor tree clearing areas for the upcoming revised Veterans Trail Phase 3 Project.

As you may recall, the original Veterans Trail Phase 3 construction contract was terminated on February 3, 2020 due to resident feedback.  Since then, the Hudson Park Board voted in November, 2020 to recommend proceeding with an alternative Veterans Trail Phase 3 project to install an 8-foot-wide gravel path from Cascade Park to Barlow Road and on-road path between Veterans Way Park and Barlow Road. (see attached map).

The gravel trail will begin at the end of Lynn Drive and will be routed 1.1 miles through Cascade Park and along Ellsworth Golf Course all the way to Barlow Road.  The on-road path will begin at the intersection of Veterans Way and Milford Drive and will be on-road for 0.5 miles along Milford Drive, East Case Drive, and Lynn Drive.  The on-road path is unchanged from the original project design.  

The project also includes a new boardwalk and bridge, storm drainage improvements, bike “sharrow” striping for the on-road sections, tree clearing, a traffic calming feature on Milford Road (west of the Acme entrance), installation of a split rail fence behind properties along Nicholson Drive and benches with gravel “bump-outs” along the new gravel trail section.  

The project is scheduled to be formally bid in April 2022 and construction would begin in May 2022.  The construction duration will be approximately 6 months. 

For more information on the project please visit our website at  More information will be sent to you prior to the project starting construction and a schedule of the work is developed.  

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding this project, please contact:
Nate Wonsick, PE, Assistant City Engineer
(330) 342-1770

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Public Meetings

Public Informational Meeting
November 13, 2019

The City of Hudson held a public informational meeting on the Veteran's Trail Phase 3 project for adjacent property owners and interested residents.

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Public Comments and Responses 2019

Public Open House August 2, 2017