What mix of uses are being proposed?
The 2016 Comprehensive plan established the development framework as a mix of housing and office uses within a connected, walkable setting to support the existing downtown retail district. The residential uses being considered include a mix of owner occupied and rental units to provide a variety of price points and ownership options. The office space is anticipated to be located within a multistory setting, concentrated in the southern portion of the site, and designed with modern, collaborative workspaces. Some limited additional uses are being studied such as a food service/restaurant, fitness studio, and related amenities to support the new homes. The development team is also studying the viability of a boutique hotel to address unmet lodging needs within the community. The development team has also indicated portions of the development would be designed and constructed to allow future use conversions within a building to adjust to changing markets and community needs.

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1. How will the Phase II development be sensitive in scale and design to surrounding neighborhoods?
2. Why is the project incorporating rental units and single-level housing units within multistory buildings?
3. What mix of uses are being proposed?
4. Is the proposed development desired and viable within the local market?
5. How will the proposed project traffic be addressed? What about existing traffic concerns including the narrow Owen Brown Street rail underpass and the adjacent residential neighborhood on Owen Brown?
6. How will stormwater from the project be addressed and how might it impact surrounding areas?
7. How will the proposed development be sensitive to environmental protections?
8. How will parking be accommodated for the proposed development and how will it impact the existing downtown?
9. What is the proposed timeline for the development project?