Land Development Code Rewrite

What is the Land Development Code?

The Land Development Code contains all of the adopted standards, regulations, and procedures about development in Hudson. It regulates small residential projects such as fences and additions and regulates large projects such as residential subdivisions and commercial development.

Why is the City Rewriting the Land Development Code?

The City of Hudson's Land Development Code was last revised in 1999, just five years after the merger of the Village and the Township. Much has changed since then, and so have the needs of the residents - that's why we've sought input from citizens, boards and commissions, City officials and staff as we gather input for use in revising the Code.
Comp plan map

Project Status

Land Development Code was last written in 1999. Last April at Council direction, a zoning code review began with a three-phase process: outreach, drafting and adoption. During the outreach phase, we conducted surveys to citizens, groups, boards and volunteer officials. External outreach included homeowner associations, businesses, merchants and community organizations.

The results overwhelming showed a need to streamline the Code to make it easier to navigate and understand (not be confused with lessening the stringency of the regulations).

The public engagement process also uncovered an interest in revisiting some land-use policies, including garage orientation, sign regulation, use of drive-throughs and the lack of varied housing stock. In addition to citizen engagement, we used the Comprehensive Plan as a guide. 

From our research, we met with City Council and Planning Commission to discuss these potential policy changes and seek direction prior to drafting the revised Code. 

The next step is to complete the draft and present it to Council / Planning Commission.  During their review process there will be at least two public hearings for further community input.