Nicholson Drive Storm Sewer Repair

The City of Hudson Engineering and Public Works Departments have investigated a failing section of storm sewer located along the easterly side of Nicholson Drive, north of Barlow Road near house #5671 Nicholson Drive.  The existing elliptical concrete storm sewers in this vicinity have settled due to the consolidation an underlying layer of soft organic soils. Further investigation has estimated that approximately 350 lineal feet of large diameter, elliptical concrete pipe and two catch basins have also settled. The settling has created a sump in this section of the storm sewer system, which has constricted flows in the pipe during rain events. It has been determined that the best, long term repair solution to remedy this issue includes the removal and resetting of the concrete pipe and replacement of the two catch basins as shown on the project location map below.

The work is now complete. This contract was awarded to Ray Bertolini Trucking Company.  Please view the bid tabulation results for this contract here.

Nicholson Storm Area