Food Trucks

All food trucks operating in the City of Hudson must be licensed by the City of Hudson. Annual licenses can be obtained through the Community Development Department, 330-342-1790.

A “mobile food vehicle” is a food establishment or vendor located on or within a vehicle, including, but not limited to, trucks, passenger vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles, or that is pulled by a vehicle, where food or beverage is cooked, prepared, or served for individual portion service. 

The definition includes, but is not limited to: mobile food kitchens, ice cream trucks, pushcart vendors, bicycle cart vendors, mobile food trucks, canteen trucks, and coffee trucks. The definition does not apply to meals-on-wheels program vehicles or food-delivery services.

Food truck permit process and application

For more information about food trucks requirements and application process, call Community Development, 330-342-1790.

Hudson Restaurant Beachcomber food truck is one of the trucks licensed in the City.

Beachcomber food truck